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Last month, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association released their shipment and deliveries report for Q1 of this year. The report breaks down the type of aircraft that have sold by category, type, region, model & manufacturer.

In most cases you will see individual stats for each aircraft make and model. Although there are some instances, where they will be grouped by similar category (or family) of aircraft under a single manufacturer.

Further down on the first page of the report. You will notice a table focused on sales for particular regions. Those regions include; North America, South America, Europe and the rest of the world. (1)

Airplane Shipments by Geographic Region of Origin

North America290000
South America13000
Rest Of The World4000

Based on the numbers, so far in the first quarter. North America has sold the most aircraft with a total of 290 year-to-date. In comparison to last year, North America has sold 294 which is a small -1.36% reduction.

As we move down to the second most sold in Q1, you will notice that Europe has sold 125 aircraft. An approximate 27.55% increase from last year which was 98 in Q1. South America has sold 13 (+44%), and the rest of the world has sold 4 (+33%) so far in the first quarter.

Despite the percentages, when you look at the numbers overall. It appears as though worldwide, the amount of aircraft shipped and delivered so far in Q1 of 2021. Is somewhat similar to the numbers from this time last year. (2)

Aircraft Shipments by Type Manufactured Worldwide

Aircraft TypeQ1Q2Q3Q4
Piston Airplanes235000
Business Jets113000

When it comes to the type or category of aircraft that sold the most in Q1. Piston airplanes took the top spot with 235 units sold. Business Jets sold second most, with 113 units. While turboprops sold 84, which is less than the two above. Although between all 3, turboprops had a larger percentage increase, with 18.3% more sold/delivered than last year at this time.

Final Thoughts

As we move through Q2 and proceed towards the start of Q3. It will be interesting to see if the sales numbers will continue to be similar across the board. Or, if we will see an increase, considering the state of the world and the economy of last year.

With numbers taking a dip in 2020, along with the increased sales percentage of turboprops in Q1. We have a feeling that aircraft deliveries and billings will increase in 2021, but we will see how the numbers look when GAMA releases their report for Q2 sometime later this year.

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